About The Author

Melanie Viego is a writer, former political aide and frequent traveler.

"Not too long ago I found myself in the same situation as you are in right now. My family and I were applying for visas in a foreign country and we needed a huge stack of documents apostilled from several states. Like most people, I had never even heard of the word “apostille” let alone knew how to get one. To make matters worse, we had some strict time deadlines set; and having waited weeks (and in one case, months) for some birth certificates and a marriage certificate to arrive, I knew I couldn’t just mail in a request to some over-burdened state agency office and cross my fingers they would make it back in time.

"So I looked online for some help, and I certainly found it – for a steep price. The good news is that there were plenty of companies willing to do all the work for me and get my documents back in a reasonable timeframe. The bad news? They make you pay dearly for it. Most charged around $200 per document, and some upwards of $400. I noticed that a few companies were even based overseas and I wondered how they were able to guarantee a U.S. apostille within 48 hours. They certainly didn’t have offices in every state.

"It was either “pay through the nose” to get it done fast or take a huge risk and mail my precious original documents to land in a knee-deep pile somewhere at the secretary of state’s office.

"I suspected there had to be a better way.

"Since I didn’t have a few thousand dollars to spend on getting this official-sounding mysterious seal, I decided to investigate the matter further. A conversation with a friendly and helpful state agency clerk sent me in the right direction, and after some thorough research, I ended up getting all my apostilles for comparatively dirt cheap prices and returned even faster than most of the online services offered. And I did this knowing – and not just hoping – that they would be done quickly and returned to me the same or next day, even though I lived across the country.

"So that’s how this report was born. I wanted to share my knowledge and insider tips with you so you can save money and get your apostillised documents back safely, securely and timely. With this report you will be able to start the process within minutes, and the day after tomorrow you could be holding your apostilled documents in your hand!"

Happy “apostilling,”
Melanie Viego



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